Are you ready to revolutionise your sales career and take your relationships with yourself, your clients and prospects to new heights?

Imagine having the power to recode your mindset and eliminate limiting beliefs that have hindered your success, allowing you to tap into your full potential as a sales professional.

How would it feel to be able influence and persuade even your toughest prospects to buy from you so that you can consistently hit your sales targets?

With the Mindfluence process, you can achieve extraordinary results and unlock consistent sales success.


Mindfluence will give you the chance to do work that makes you proud. Become remarkable, make a difference and make things better for those you seek to serve.


Skyrocket Your Sales Performance

By recoding your mindset, you break free from the constraints of self-doubt and unleash your inner sales superstar.

Imagine consistently exceeding your sales targets, closing deals effortlessly, and achieving unparalleled success in your sales career.

As you reshape your mindset, you develop unshakable confidence in your abilities. This newfound confidence radiates in every interaction, attracting clients and prospects who are naturally drawn to your unwavering belief in yourself and what you have to offer.

Unleash Limitless Confidence

Recoding your mindset goes beyond sales techniques. It empowers you to become a master of influence and persuasion, influencing others effortlessly and ethically.

You'll learn how to connect with your audience on a deeper level, understand their needs and desires, and effortlessly guide them towards a positive buying decision.

Master the Art of Persuasion

When you recode your mindset, you transform your approach to building relationships. You'll learn how to connect with clients and prospects on a genuine, authentic level, building trust and rapport that goes beyond a transactional exchange. These strong relationships will become the foundation of your long-term success.

Cultivate Authentic Relationships

Become unstoppable and claim the success you deserve


Your Presenters

Charles Weyer (left) and Jacques de Villiers

Charles Weyer is a former professional mixed martial art (MMA) athlete turned peak performance coach. Charles's background in the world of competitive combat sports has given him a unique perspective on the mental and physical aspects of peak performance.

He's a specialist hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and peak performance mindset coach. He has developed a unique framework called Autonomic Blueprinting that helps individuals shift their results fast.

With years of experience in the ring and on the stage, Charles knows what it takes to succeed under pressure. He has a proven track record of helping individuals and teams achieve their goals.

What they say about Charles

Charles is a genius at helping people learn about themselves, and how to live fuller and more purposeful lives. I wish everyone would embark on his journey as I have because it simply changes lives."

Andrew Carruthers



"Charles far exceeded my expectations. He helped me understand what was limiting me, and more importantly, how I could easily dissolve these limiting beliefs and habits."

Sian Louw

CEO, The Pacific Institute, South Africa


Megan Challidis
Business Mentor

"Working with Charles has been nothing short of mind-blowing. The result? Effortless sales magnetism, more clients, more cashflow, and more time to enjoy it all."


Jacques de Villiers has been helping sales professionals close more deals more consistently for 20 years.

He is one of South Africa's foremost influence and persuasion experts.

He is regularly invited to address audiences locally and internationally on sales and marketing. He has written telesales scripts, sales email campaigns and sales landing pages that have generated more than R30-million for his clients.

He has been an outsourced sales leader for nine companies, and has enrolled more than 2 000 sales professionals onto his influence and persuasion workshops.

What they say about Jacques

"Jacques is a marketing, sales and writing savant and great ideas flow out of him like water. If I just implemented a fraction of what he has taught me ... well, I'd be sitting on a yacht somewhere exotic with my family. Go to him, you'll never be the same again."

Stephan Louw


"I highly recommend Jacques for sales training - there is a lot out there, but I have always felt Jacques training is head and shoulders above the rest, especially for new sales executives."

Michelle Losco
Managing Director, Publishared


Steve Johnson

Executive Management Coach

"Occasionally in life you come across some really outstanding people - those 'stand-out' folk that have something extraordinary about them - their intellect, their depth, their integrity and their sheer wisdom! Jacques has those in abundance."


Overcome Sales Obstacles

Your mindset affects how you perceive and handle challenges. With Mindfluence, you'll discover how to overcome objections, handle rejection with resilience, and turn setbacks into stepping stones towards growth and achievement. Embrace a mindset that turns obstacles into opportunities.

When you embody a powerful mindset, you become an inspiration and a catalyst for positive change within your sales team and organisation. Your enthusiasm and belief in the power of mindset will influence and uplift your colleagues, creating a dynamic and supportive sales culture that thrives on a culture of success.

Create a Positive Sales Culture

Recoding your mindset is not just about sales—it's about transforming your entire life. As you harness the power of Mindfluence, you'll learn to balance your personal and professional life, leading to greater overall satisfaction, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

More reasons for you to consider attending Mindfluence


Do Work That Makes You Proud

'Become the greatest your bloodline has ever seen.'

Mindfluence is more than a mindset and persuasion process. It's a chance for you to start over so that you can become remarkable, make a difference and make things better for those you seek to serve ... your clients, yourself and your family.

What you'll get on mindfluence

Mindfluence is more than a one-day workshop, it's a process. To that end, each delegate will be enrolled into a 7-week Mindfluence Influence and Persuasion email sequence. Each week will cover one of the aspects of the workshop so that all the learnings are embedded, embodied and applied.

Bonuses valued at R 3 157.00
  • 37 Persuasion Hacks To Blast Your Sales Into The Stratosphere book by Jacques.
  • The Architecture of Selling - The 7 Foundations To Successful Sales book by Jacques.
  • A Fractured Monk's Guide To Enlightenment - How to Navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently book by Jacques,
  • 'Autonomic Blueprint Activation' book, by Charles
  • Access to Charles's 'Mind Dojo' online programme
  • 2 x Brain Coherance audio elixers by Charles

Shift your mindset and become a masterful influencer so that you can become victorious in your sales career and claim the destiny you deserve.

The conference centre offers beautiful spaces conducive to productivity, combined with unobtrusively attentive staff. The Capital On The Park creates the perfect setting for expertly crafted meetings and events. Revel in serenity seldom experienced in Sandton.

Your venue: The exclusive Capital on the Park, Sandton


Swanky multi-functional room that opens onto the deck. Enjoy world-class luxury in a tranquil environment perfectly anchored by Mushroom Park.

Explode your sales with mindfluence

If you're looking to ramp up your sales to an insane level, and do work that makes you proud, then you should seriously consider joining Charles and Jacques on Thursday, 13 July for a life-altering experience.

Smash your sales targets

Shift your mindset and influence with impact to close more deals more consistently.


13 July
09h00 - 16h00
Capital on the Park, Katherine St, Sandton

R1997.00 per enrolee

R1997.00 per enrolee


Once we receive your registration, we'll reach out to you to firm up the details. If you have any questions please reach out to Jacques on 082 906 3693 or