Kritter Publishing

You know that a critter is a small animal. If you hear a scratching in your ceiling, it’ll either be the clown from It (Stephen King) or a critter living in your ceiling. Best it be a critter or you’ll be in for a whole bunch of hurt. That clown is nasty!

But, that’s what critters do. They scurry around your ceiling or worse, run across your bed at night. They keep you awake and on edge.

Kritter is a metaphor for critical ideas that bump around in your head and keep you awake. They may be small but they make an impact.

So, the idea is to write you a Kritter book.

  • It weighs in at around 3 600 words
  • 140 characters
  • 140 Krits

Basically, your book will be in ‘tweet’ form (by now you must have gathered that Kritter is based on Twitter). This means that once your book is published, you can tweet it to your followers in 140 instalments. Hopefully they’re so enamoured by your tweets that they’ll go an buy your book long before the 140th tweet hits them.

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