Jacques de Villiers - copywriter

I’ve been writing for a while now (circa 1987) … be it speeches, newspaper articles, essays, sales copy, books and anything in between … I can pen something that you’ll like and that’ll make an impact.

I’ve been told that I’m rather good at figuring out exactly what my clients want, bringing in the culture, tone and nuance of their companies and putting the message across elegantly. If they only saw my first drafts, they might revise their opinion. But, luckily they don’t. And, that keeps me in business doing the one thing I really love – Writing.

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There are very few people who can really write. It is a multi-faceted craft. There are writers that are technically sound and then there are writers that can draw you in and take you on a word adventure. You have both skills. – Iona Minton, Content Strategist

Jacques has two talents, the combination of which has turned him into a successful copywriter. Firstly, Jacques has a deep understanding of the sales process and had given workshops on sales for 17 years. Secondly Jacques is a motivated, creative and prolific writer. Anyone following his blog will know that he sees life from a different perspective and he is prepared to say what he thinks. Having both writing skills and sales skills means that Jacques understands easily and quickly what is required and he is able to come up with effective and interesting copywriting pieces that keep potential buyers reading and leave them wanting to sign on the dotted line. – Kirsten Long – Business and Life coach

Jacques produces written content that is engaging, compelling to read, and ultimately convincing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services for copywriting that delivers your message skilfully and with consideration to detail. Best of all, Jacques writes like the gentleman he is: transparent, honest and with respect for your reader. And he’s genuinely a real pleasure to deal with. – Kirsty Coetzee, Copywriter

I have known Jacques for over 10 years and one of things that impresses me most about him, is his use of words. He has the ability to paint a picture, in colour nogal, with words. I enjoy and find enrichment in his blogs, LinkedIn articles as well as stories like “Edge of the Rain” out of Secrets to Corporate Success. Have you ever had the privilege of listening to one of Jacques talks? Then you’ll know about his rare ability to articulate a message that is succinct, powerful and persuasive. – Jurgen Tietz, Professional Speaker and Thought Leader

Not many leading authorities can draw on Jacques deep reservoir of resources ranging from Cicero to Seth Godin. If you want to be inspired and stimulated go read his Blogs. His font of knowledge gives him a unique edge; it enables Jacques to deliver on a variety of themes, each with a message that is surprisingly new and refreshing. – Clive Price, Managing Director, The Peer Group

Jacques is not afraid to delve into all aspects of human experience, both light and dark. His characteristic wit and humour enable him to keep his reader musingly engaged whilst exploring deep and meaningful topics, in a light and playful way.  His writings offer the opportunity to face some of the harsh realities of life whilst simultaneously recognising their usefulness and beauty. He makes you look the demon in the eye and feel alright about it.” – Assad Schuitema, Philosopher

Jacques’s incomparable imagination, insight and craft have achieved a work of solid and fascinating reality. Well written . Set aside some time, you won’t be able to put it down. – Jeanne Koekemoer