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Best Sales Training Courses in South Africa

If you’re looking for a sales training course that’ll make a difference, consider the Architecture of Selling course by Jacques de Villiers

It is becoming more apparent that technique-based selling is not cutting it.

Research by the Chally Group indicates that 80% of sales professionals only hit 42% of their target. 

The reality is that most sales professionals are smart enough to know how to prospect, how to run an effective sales call, how to dig for burning issues, how to pitch, how to close and how to overcome objections with very little training.

So, if knowledge is not the problem, what is?

  • Customers are seen as commodities. More time needs to be spent on figuring out how your product/service really impacts them. Is your company useful and making a difference to your customers. Driving customer experience is a smarter path than focusing on revenue alone. Customers want to know that someone cares for them.
  • Sales professionals want to do work that makes them proud. They want to work for a company with noble purpose so that they can come to work for something bigger than themselves. Great salespeople seldom work for a paycheque alone.
  • Sales professionals are struggling and failing to make sense of an uncertain world. They need to do the inner work so that they can strive to be excellent and become more resilient, persistent and successful in all their endeavours.

Resonant Selling seeks redress the disconnect between the sales professional and his/her customers so that both set each other up to succeed.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set the right intention so that you resonate favourably with your prospect
  • How to actually enjoy the process of selling
  • That ‘the obstacle is the path’. How to use setbacks to build resilience, character and courage
  • How to turn your customers into fans and advocates for you and your offering
  • How to develop a growth mindset so that you can open yourself to endless opportunities
  • How to use constraints to your advantage
  • How to become powerful and inspirational
  • How to use a simple process to attract customers to you
  • Proven strategies to accelerate success
  • How to ask propelling questions that inspire both you and your customer to succeed
  • Where to focus for real results
  • How to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry
  • How to use stories to get customers on your side
  • How to hear your customer’s real need (as opposed to listening)
  • A 4-step discovery process that sets you up to write right-fit proposals and when you get the work, sets up the rules of engagement so that everyone succeeds

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