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I’m Jacques de Villiers. I’m called a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker and professional speaker.

My job is to help make your event memorable and make sure that it is successful. The job of my motivational keynotes are to get your folks to view the world they’re in from another angle, set each other up for success and inspire them to come to work for something bigger than a paycheque.

Most keynotes I craft are unique to your event.

I have a bunch of ‘off-the-shelf’ keynotes (I’ve listed three so that you can get an idea of the range and depth that I can bring to your event). And, then just for the hell of it, I’ve listed the titles of keynotes I can craft relatively quickly (they’re based on articles I’ve written for a newspaper column).

Perhaps one of them resonates with you and fits into the objectives of your event. If not, I’m comfortable crafting a customised keynote just for your event.

All my keynotes are tied to the golden thread of finding meaning and purpose so that you can become a ‘warrior’ and fight the inner battles that keep tripping you up, do work that makes you proud, set your teammates up for success and come to work for something bigger than yourself.


My keynotes can cover:

  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Personal excellence
  • Writing (only for copywriters and aspiring writers)

Your energetic body language was magical! You totally lived up to the challenge to create team spirit at our conference opening by allowing us to ‘dress you up’ in our Huizemark brand muscles and Mexican bandana – you not only interacted with the team, but became part of us and managed to make each person feel special. What we appreciated most was your willingness to research real estate sales to enable you to use the correct terminology and make your presentation relevant to our industry. It is months later now and many agents still refer to your session as the highlight of the conference. You certainly have made lifelong fans at Huizemark! Thank you, Jacques!

—Adrie Barnard, National Franchisee Training Manager, Huizemark Franchising Group


  1. What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call?  
  2. The Warrior Code  
  3. What If You Get A Pug  
  4. Change Your Story [Finding purpose]
  5. Dish By Dish [How I overcame depression … nobody buys this keynote (and, it is one of my best) ;-)]
  6. The Architecture of Selling [Influence and Persuasion techniques]
  7. Intent Selling [Why you should love selling]
  8. All Work Is Art [Take pride in your work. Your work is important to all of us]
  9. Jonah, the Whale and You [Finding purpose]
  10. The Insanity of Chronic Remorse [Regret is a waste. Look forward]
  11. So, You Think The World Doesn’t Love You? [Self-esteem and self-loathing]
  12. Beware of Drinking the Guru’s Kool Aid [Learn how to think and not what to think]
  13. Walk the Yard [How to escape the shackles of your inner prison]
  14. The Strange Secret to Happiness [On being happy]
  15. Burn the Haystack. Find The Needle [Burn your excuses and start producing]
  16. Curb Your Judgement [Be curious and not judgemental]
  17. From Superficial to Stupendous [Become valuable to those around you]
  18. Gold or God [Find your purpose]
  19. Do You Want Some Cheese With That Whine? [Stop moaning and do something useful]
  20. True Grit [Resilience and redemption]

Jacques is a Distinguished Toastmaster, A Toastmaster of the Year Recipient, a past national president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) and a Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award recipient (PSASA).

So, if you’re looking for a motivational speaker, business speaker, conference speaker, keynote speaker and workshop leader, consider Jacques de Villiers.

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