Motivational Speakers Bureaus

motivational speakers bureaus

Motivational speakers bureaus:  if you’re checking this page out, it means I’m probably not on your books and, you’re probably an overseas bureau (i.e. not from South Africa)

I know, I know I’m not that internationally famous that motivational speakers bureaus will come smashing down my door. But, who knows. I might just be the right-fit for one of your clients. I’ve spoken in Milan and Teheran. It would be cool to speak in the UK or the USA.

Jacques de Villiers Motivational speakerI’m Jacques de Villiers by the way. Just in case you didn’t know 😉

Seriously, if you think I can add value to you by including me in your portfolio of motivational speakers, business speakers or keynote speakers, then reach out and connect.

In the meantime, below are some resources to help you make an informed decision.




  1. Motivational Keynote Addresses
  2. Bio, MC introduction, photos and testimonials (I’ve created a Dropbox folder especially for you). I’ve put the information in both PDF and Word and haven’t branded it so that you can put your details on as you wish.

Motivational Speakers Bureaus (South Africa)

I know most of the South African players in the motivational speakers bureaus. Let’s see, there’s:

  • Bronwyn Hesketh from Speakers Inc
  • Duncan Hesketh from Conference Speakers International
  • Paul McKinnon from Unique Speakers Bureau
  • Stuart Lee from Famous Faces
  • Neil Burnett from Speakers of Note
  • Marie Grey of Marie Grey and Associates
Best motivational speakers in South Africa Jacques de Villiers

Jacques de Villiers Track-Record Since 1998

As you can see by the graphic above, I’ve been at it for a while now. My split at the moment is 60% writing and 40% speaking and training. I’ve ghostwritten six books and written a bunch for my own account. I’ve generated a lot of content. I know that 7,2-million words sounds impressive, but if you break it down over 20 years, that’s a 1000 words a day. Not a big stretch as I easily achieve that in an hour. My morning pages alone are 750 words (The Artist’s Way) (that’s just my warm up before I get into serious writing).

So, I lead an introverted, insulated writer’s life. But, my ego needs some recognition every now and again. That’s where motivational speakers bureaus come in – you can help me get professional speaking engagements so that I can share some of my knowledge and of course, get some applause (that’s the ego part).



Reach out and Connect