April 7, 2023

Email List Decay Report 2023

I’ve been using Zero Bounce for years now to keep my email databases honest (and clean). I think that they are fabulous when it comes to keeping my email lists clean.

Here’s a summary of its findings around email decay, and how quickly lists degrade.

Summary of email decay: how quickly do email lists degrade?

  • At least 22.71% of an email list degrades annually.
  • The most prevalent type of risky emails found in email lists are invalid addresses.
  • Catch-all emails make up the second-largest segment of email addresses that are likely to bounce.
  • People make an astonishing number of typos when trying to sign up for emails. In just one year, ZeroBounce prevented 10+ million bounces through typo detection.
  • Disposable emails are a common way people avoid giving out their real email addresses. Last year, ZeroBounce identified 5+ million disposable emails.
  • Email validity was 0.45% better in 2022 than the year before.
  • Only 57.21% of all emails submitted to ZeroBounce in 2022 were valid.

Read the full report.

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