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Who organised the training with Jacques last Thursday? I just wanted to thank them very much for arranging a really fantastic day, great motivation and some really nice new tools to take into the theatre and doctors rooms in the future. He really motivated me so much with some fantastic new ideas.

Johnno Johnston – BBraun

Thank you for a great seminar. It was inspiring, informative, helpful and really hands-on. I can only highly recommend it to anybody out there who has a website, who is designing a website and who wants to say on top of things when it comes to marketing. This is seriously good stuff! 

Melanie Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, Exclusive Serenity

Your presentation was excellent and the ladies loved you. Our marketing team has received numerous requests for your details. 

Val Carstens, Chief Executive Officer, Environ

There are very few business people out there with as sharp a grasp of human nature, what motivates people, what compels people and how people think, as Jacques de Villiers. Jacques has combined knowledge and experienced gained over many years in diverse spheres of industry into various impactful offerings in the form of writing, training, motivation and speaking – and he’s done it cleverly, wittily and effectively. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Jacques over the years – I look forward to many more years of learning from him and I encourage others to make contact with him and begin doing the same. 

Tiffany Markman, Copywriter, Editor and Trainer

In the period we were friends we had some good conversations, but I don’t ever recall the topics being around the things you have been writing about lately. I wish they had been; but we probably just weren’t here yet. Am loving your insights and revelations and, mostly, I love your honesty. Your descriptions are pretty powerful too 

Ingrid Borgelt

I was given the opportunity to attend a sales training workshop by Jacques, and was pleasantly surprised – he’s a compelling (and hilarious) speaker, an expert in his field, with a quirky, relatable personality. He exceeds expectations, does business with integrity, and genuinely just a pleasure to engage with. I have utmost respect for Jacques, and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Kirsty Coetzee, Marketing, Tinswalo Lodges

I have known Jacques for over 14 years and have been privileged to attend a number of his sales talks and workshops over the years. Not only is he a highly entertaining speaker and facilitator, but every time I listen to his sales wisdom I have implemented one or more of his ideas and strategies into my sales process. I can honestly say that one of the reasons for my sustained business success is that when Jacques come up with one of his gems I do what he says. I would highly recommend Jacques to motivate your sales people to results you could only imagine possible.

Paul du Toit, Managing Director, Congruence Training

Jacques was our Keynote Speaker at the combined induction dinner of Golden Gavel Advanced Toastmasters and 4th Dimension Toastmasters. Jacques is a natural storyteller, he has the unique gift of taking the audience on a journey with him. The audience will participate with heartfelt laughter and then he will end every story off with a deep message. When Jacques deliver a message it has longevity and impact. He motivates and inspires an audience by being vulnerable and sharing his own lessons learnt.

Yoke Barrish, Owner, Y-Connect

Jacques took over a dysfunctional operation – he put together a team and managed that team to turn the organisation around to be the best in the country and the best it had been for the past 5 years.

Adolph Kaestner, Professional Speaker and Past National President – Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa


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